About Gerald Banner

User Research

How to really learn from users and apply it to your products? Listen more than you talk.
Now rise to the occasion and make great products that people can use. And more importantly, create products that people need.


The Best Teams

Strong teams are essential in the realm of product creation no matter the size of the team. It is an essential element resulting in peak performance on a consistent basis.


Touchable Designs

Showing users that you understand them and what they are searching for gives the user an increased incentive and motivates them to engage with your product. Follow-up with clear easy to navigate UI renderings and make the content as an inviting and touchable product.


Doing What You Love

I've always believed in doing what you love is one step towards a great outcome. You need some dedicated people around you, who can't imagine doing anything else. I get joy from listening to users and determining the best experience, based on their words and actions.