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Case Study 4:

Connect Center Ambulatory Portal - Product Goal:

Partner with a team and offer the best user experience guidance possible resulting in the successful creation of ConnectCenter, a healthcare solution that provides partners and practices with self-service support as well as transparency into transaction details that includes claim life cycle and remittance history. In addition, create a concise, usable and rich data experience within a strict set of templates. Work with a team to create a strategic road map for this product that would take the product from concept to production.

UX Design Process

Brainstorming sessions were conducted throughout the product creation lifecycle. The initial design included multiple groups comprised of different disciplines in order to gain a wide range of ideas and views. My role was (and still is) Lead UX Visual Designer. After a many discussions around the target audience, we chose a single persona to focus on and created an experience centered around several points within the users journey (e.g., Claims Management , Advanced Payer SetUp, Track Claim Status, Search Remits, Search Reports, and Verify Eligibility). Additional Sessions were conducted to dive further into the product and gather more ideas. These sessions were held with the core team and lastly with the dev and product leads.akes acquiring new customers easier. Displayed are some of the visual brands that I've had the pleasure to create.

 COnnect CenterUX1  COnnect CenterUX2  COnnect CenterUX3

User Flow:

Once there was a good sense of the product that we were creating, a user flow was created to get a clear view of the different screens and features that would be accessible within the app. This was done initially with the product and dev lead using stickies on a wall so that we could quickly move screens and features around as we talked through the flow. Those stickies were later transferred into an Adobe Illustrator document and became a living document as we move through sprints and development cycles.

 COnnect CenterUX5  COnnect CenterUX6

Product Screens:

The final product screens were created based on a MVP, comprised of core product features, product support for both partners and practices, with related marketing support. This collaborative approach was well received and resulted in a successful product, and a new visual style that will eventually be implemented into RelayHealth's additional suite of products.

 COnnect CenterUX7  COnnect CenterUX8  COnnect CenterUX9